Fortified Breachers Training Division

Fortified Breachers LLC mission is to provide operators specialize training for tactical breaching techniques and tool use in a fortified environment. Fortified Breachers has developed a tactical breaching course designed expose breachers to tools and obstacles encountered in a fortified environment. The fortified breaching course emphasizes on methodology and practical scenarios to maximize the breachers skills and knowledge.

About Us

The fortified breach course will consist of classroom and practical instruction. Breachers will have extensive hands-on experience using the foremost breaching equipment. Taught by highly experienced correctional instructors in these areas: Manual, Mechanical, Exothermic, and Ballistic Breaching, this course ensures tactical breachers understand the most effective and efficient ways to address situations while operating inside a correctional environment.

This course will expose breachers to techniques and equipment to learn how to breach prison doors, locks, gates, grills, windows, bars and electronic security mechanisms, fences, and walls within a correctional environment.

Correctional breachers will become proficient in executing various types of breaches and develop situational awareness for the correct use and care of all breaching tools and equipment. Breachers will test their mental and physical competencies to navigate a stress course using assigned tools within a fortified correctional environment.

In an environment where failure is not an ‘Option’, the breachers’ skills, knowledge, and tools, are vital to successfully performing a tactical breach in a fortified or correctional arena.

This correctional breaching course is available to active LEO tactical operators and military. Credential verification will be completed prior to class selection and admission.

Fortified Breachers Course

⸳   Fortified Breachers' objectives are to provide a 4-day specialized training course for tactical breaching techniques and tool utilization within a fortified environment.

⸳  The fortified breaching course will expose breachers to practical training for defeating doors, windows, walls, locking mechanisms and obstacles encountered in a fortified environment with assigned breaching tools.

⸳  Breachers challenge course assesses the mental and physical stamina of the breacher by completing a stress course. The event is timed evolution evaluating the breacher knowledge of assigned tools and techniques.

Day 1

Classrooom Instruction

Day 2/3

Field instruction for breaching tools and equipment (including low or no light)

Breachers challenge course

Day 4



Course Evaluation

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